Estate And Antique Jewelry – What You Need To Know

Estate jewelry is a term used to describe second hand, or previously owned jewelry. Estate jewelry is often confused with antique jewelry. It is not. There is a distinct difference. Estate jewelry is usually acquired from the estate of a deceased person hence the term “estate”. The jewelry could be of any age or style. There is estate jewelry for teens, women, and men of all ages. By contrast, antique jewelry tends to be at least 50 years old. It can come from anywhere. People who like it generally tend to be interested in antiques.”Because there is a limited supply and it’s usually irreplaceable, (high-end) estate jewelry is often called the “caviar of the jewelry business”. Certainly not all estate jewelry is valuable (or even old), but occasionally the jewelry’s provenance does dramatically heighten its value, as when pieces from the estate of the Duchess of Windsor fetched high prices at Sotheby’s. The best way to determine the value of estate jewelry is to consult with a Certified Gemologist Appraiser of the American Gem Society, or a qualified jewelry dealer.While some estate jewelry can be relatively expensive, most jewelry of this sort are not. Relatively speaking, estate jewelry is inexpensive. Including a wide selection of styles, the other great advantage of estate jewelry is the savings. You get the savings by going directly to estate sales. But you can also find estate jewelry in a pawn shop or even at antique jewelers. Because it is typically obtained at prices below wholesale, the customer saves — usually buying for half the cost of comparable new items.Shopping for fine estate jewelry is fun and exciting. For many people, the search for the perfect piece of estate jewelry is just as important as the find. One of the things I like best about estate jewelry is speculating about its previous life: who owned it.Estate jewelry is also known for its top-notch workmanship and a one-of-a-kind look. If you are looking to complete your wardrobe and hate looking like everyone else, estate jewelry is an excellent choice.Estate jewelry is becoming increasingly popular, and no wonder. The demand for Important estate jewelry is increasing at a steady rate. Its the smart way to buy high quality jewelry at reasonable prices.The best part about estate jewelry is that you get to wear your investment and enjoy it too.